TTLC opened in Noblesville, IN in 2006 with the desire to help kids develop and reach their full potential!

After evaluating every child, they are given a personal plan of education (POE) to recognize their strengths and to address their individual areas of weaknesses. Our therapists provide a copy of the therapy note at the end of every session to document progress as well as provide the family a home program idea.

There are separate rooms that focus on different areas of development that will provide language rich opportunities.  Research shows that language skills are enhanced when movement is incorporated  (vestibular activities, tactile stimulation, use of various manipulatives, etc.).

  • There is a sensory room specifically designed to stimulate  language skills through the use of visual tasks, vestibular activities and proprioceptive tasks. Children learn through sensory input and motor activity.  This room allows children to easily move around and explore materials.
  • The therapy rooms have a one-way window to allow parents to observe therapy activities without the child seeing you.